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I write about a lot of things. You might find that some of my work is important, funny, informative, offensive, or just plain fluff. You will have to be the judge.  There are some things, however, that do seem to get people's attention; hot topics, if you will. This page is a quick jump to those hot topics.  

When Sex With Your Daughters Is Okay: A Bible Story

Someone approached me a few days ago, attacking an entire demographic, homesexuals in this case, using the Bible as his justification. God says it’s evil and therefore homesexuality, and everything that goes with it including (of course) gay marriage, is equally evil. It says so right there in the Bible and since the Bible is the perfect word of God, it is the way it must be. In that case, sex with your daughters must be okay as well. It is, after all, the means by which Jesus Christ eventually came to save us all. Yes, incest is, Biblically speaking, …