Clip from the 2006 Free Software and Open Source Symposium

During my keynote at the fifth annual Free Software and Open Source Symposium at Seneca College, York University, I suggested the creation of something I called “The Linux and Open Source Marketing Board”. I envisioned it as an industry umbrella organization whose purpose it is to send a consistent, positive message, about FOSS (of which Linux is the poster child) to both the public and other members of industry. The following clip highlights that section of the talk. [video: autostart=false]

Free Long Distance . . . Really!

If you are still recovering from the last time you paid your long-distance bill, Chef Marcel may be able to offer some relief. How? By using your Linux system and a Voice over IP program, of course. That just happens to be the focus of this edition of Cooking with Linux, posted for your free reading pleasure on In that article, I cover some great applications including one that might just be the perfect VoIP client, one you may never even have heard of, the amazing Wengophone! Enjoy!

Kurt Vonnegut Jr. dies

A giant in the world of literature, some of it science-fiction, has just passed away. Kurt Vonnegut Jr., whose works include Slaughterhouse-Five, Cat’s Cradle, Breakfast of Champtions, and many others. I attended a lecture by Vonnegut a number of years ago (in Stratford, Ontario). In trying to explain what he (and other writers) did for a living, he pointed to another legend, Robertson Davies, who was sitting just a few seats from the front. How cool is that, I thought. Sitting in the same room with Kurt Vonnegut Jr. and Robertson Davies. Smoking is not what killed Vonnegut, but I …