Marcel’s Linux App of the Month : jPodder

The podcast addicted among you (or the merely curious) should take a moment to read the latest "Marcel's Linux App of the Month" on It covers a great little application that lets you easily search for and subscribe to podcasts, allows for automatic scheduled downloads, and even helps you create your own podcasts if you so desire. It's called jPodder and you can get the full story at yon friendly URL. If you know of something else I should be looking at or you would like to comment on this story, feel free.

Marcel on the Linux User Show

About two weeks ago, I was interviewed by Jon Watson, producer of the Linux User Show podcast. We talked about my new book, the second edition of "Moving to Linux : Kiss the Blue Screen of Death Goodbye!", Linux, and occasionally even other operating systems [ insert appropriate smiley here ]. Jon was a great host. The show was a lot of fun though occasionally quite silly. Check it out at this friendly URL. I'll provide direct links to the audio version of the podcasts but you might want to visit and read Jon's page. As it turns out, he …