Quick fix for Zimbra Zero Day exploit

There's nothing like a good zero day exploit that targets one of your busy servers to get your attention. When the fix involves taking down a server with a few hundred email accounts, you start to panic just a little.

Mastering The Linux Shell - Advanced Permissions

In my last article, I introduced the idea of permissions in the Linux world. Some users can read or write a file, while others can only read the same. A user may also belong to a group and share the permissions of that group which might also involve the ability to execute, or run a file as a program.

Mastering The Linux Shell - Getting Permission

Under Linux, access to files and directories is controlled by a system of permissions. Those permissions define who can see a file, whether they can modify it in any way, and in the case of some files, whether the commands within that file (or the file itself) can be executed. By executed, we mean "can we run that program?".


TSA! TSA! Let's get naked for the TSA!

Been body-scanned lately? Looking forward to your nakedness being displayed for those fine people doing security checks at the airport? How about a little groping of your private parts?

Fondle your naughty bits, Guv'ner? Shall we see if those breasts are real, Deary?


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