The Perfect Necklace for Chistmas

This little germ comes from France's "Le Grand Journal" on Canal Plus where Doria Tellier is Miss Météo (the weather girl). Part of her show, in addition to giving French viewers the weather, is providing some entertainment only just barely related to the weather. The video is in French but I'm betting you don't need to speak French to get it. On this particular segment, Doria offers up the perfect Christmas gift for the lady in your life. Not only is it unique and versatile, but it can be used to represent the current weather conditions as well. Sort of . . .


Look Out Of Your Window, Dudes!

Do you ever find yourself wishing weather forecasters and reporters would just take a moment to look out of their window? Or that weather organizations would employ some kind of 'dummy check' to make sure they aren't totally out to lunch when telling you about outside conditions?  

This morning, Accuweather (seen here on my BlackBerry Playbook) claims that Waterloo is under heavy snow at this moment. It is, in fact, very foggy but that's a far cry from heavy snow.

Sheesh . . .  Just look out the danged window!


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