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Bill Clinton full DNC Speech 2012

I'm watching all this from Canada, up here in the Great White North. So technically I'm an outsider to the process but I'm still interested.

Wherever you may find yourself in the political spectrum, this speech by Bill Clinton is something to watch because it demonstrates public speaking at its best. Clinton knows how to work an audience; he loves the people in his audience and they love him right back. Not simply because he's preaching to the converted, but because he doesn't just read from a prepared speech. He ebbs and flows with the crowd, taking his cues from them as he delivers his message. Love him or hate him, you have to respect the man's skill. He's a rock star and one of the most on-demand public speakers in the world. And there's a damn good reason for it. The man is good. Really, really good.

Aspiring public speakers, watch and learn.

An amendment to the state constitution that says "no student shall be compelled to perform or participate in academic assignments or educational presentations that violate his or her religious beliefs," may be coming to Missouri shortly. Does evolution violate your belief system? No worries. You can skip that class.

What if your religion teaches that members of other religions are inherently evil or not quite human? Or perhaps your religion teaches that women do not deserve equality and any course that shows them to be equal to men should be avoided. And what if the history curriculum promotes racial equality when your religion disagrees or paints your particular brand of faith in a bad light? Witch burnings, anyone? How far should this farce be allowed to progress?

For more on this nutty idea, read the USA Today story here.


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