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I Am Spock. Apparently.

Back in high school, I had a CB radio. Those of you who were old enough in the 1970s will no doubt remember these babies. If you had one of these radios, you also had some kind of on-air handle. Mine was Mr Spock. And yes, I picked that handle because I loved Star Trek and, at that time, I identified most with the Vulcan science officer.

Gravity, and Reaction (a mini review)

Now that I've had a chance to sleep on it, I'll comment on the movie. First, it was absolutely beautiful to watch and downright spectacular from a cinematic perspective. The 3D wasn't overdone and seemed perfectly natural in the movie's setting.

Shell Scripting vs Programming

It's time for a new series focusing on the Linux shell. In my last series, I taught you how to work in the shell to manipulate files and directories, execute commands, find things, and work with a powerful editor. This time around, I'm going to talk about programming in the shell.

International Blasphemy Day

Today, September 30th, is International Blasphemy Day, designated to commemorate the publication of 12 editorial cartoons in the Danish newspaper, Jyllands-Posten, which depicted the Islamic prophet, Muhammad in less than favourable and deeply satirical ways.

Richard Dawkins vs. Former Pope Benedict: Who Would Win The Hugo Award?

Nestled in Rome, Italy, is a sovereign nation called Vatican City, set apart from the rest of the world. The king of this country is the King of Vatican City, also known as the Pope. This King is the head of the Catholic Church over which he presides along with a bunch of guys who like to wear red.

Does Rogers want to give customers a heart attack?

Some Rogers Communications insanity for you today. Sally is away with her mother in Germany, visiting relatives and doing a little touring. Before she left, we purchased a travel talk and messaging plan from Rogers, as well as a data plan. This was to avoid scary roaming charges. We decided, despite the price, that this would be prudent.

Snake wine and other creepy concoctions

Final Reflections On The Zimmerman Verdict

With the trial over, the jury has spoken and George Zimmerman is a free man. Some applaud the verdict and others curse the system for failing to bring justice. Where you stand on this depends partly on how you define justice.

Salvation Army : Gays Deserve To Die!

For many years, I lived under the impression that although the Salvation Army had a religious base, it did not discriminate and reached out to help those in need regardless of the personal beliefs of those in need. I don't  know where or when I was told this, but I believed it.

Giving up on Living on Light

There's a woman named Naveena Shine, who was testing out her particular brand of faith, something called "breatharianism", which purports that humans can live on sunshine. Sure, why the hell not?


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