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Shell Scripting: Really Programming The Shell

When you open up a terminal window on your Linux system, you are opening up a programming environment. While it may seem like just this place where you type commands to list your files or check on the amount of disk space you have left, the shell is a real programming language. True story.

What is it that you do?

One of the hardest questions that I have to answer is "what is it that you do?" What that question really means, of course, is "what do you do for a living?"


I've been reading "Ready Player One" by Ernest Cline. And yes, it has me thinking about classic arcade games. And no, this isn't a book review. It's about one game in particular.

Distro hopping . . . again. Hello openSUSE!

I'm sharing this with my Linux and free software friends because I know they'll understand.
Well, I've done it again.

Taking Over The United States

The year is certainly starting off with a good dose of insanity. Yes, America . . . we Canadians have been planning the takeover of the United States all along, and Obama is just another Canadian puppet. We already rule your media and entertainment industries and soon, after Obama starts 'managing' the alien invasion, we'll launch our final attack.

Happy New Year!

It has been suggested that we make 2014 an amazing year. What if we just make it an amusing year? Or a slightly better than average year? Or what if we save energy and resources by recycling an old year that was still otherwise pretty okay but with a dash of coolness? Like 1969.


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