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A Process Smorgasbord (Cooking with Linux)

by Marcel Gagné

This article first appeared in the December 2002 Linux Journal


Eye-Popping Panels (Cooking with Linux)

By Marcel Gagné

This article was originally published in the February 2005 issue of Linux Journal.


Regarding Podcasts

I've been busy this evening working on my new book, something my editor will surely be glad to hear. After a few hours at it, I took a much needed break. That's when I remembered that I had mentioned podcasting in a recent Monday night chat. In fact, the current poll question asks about podcasts. The bottom line appears to be that most people don't know what a podcast is.

If I enter the word "podcasting" into Wikipedia, I get some interesting information.


Processor trivia revealed by your Linux system

Do you sometoimes feel like really getting to know the processor in your computer? You know, getting up close and personal? Then try this at home (or work, or wherever). Open up a shell prompt and type the following.

cat /proc/cpuinfo

Lots of cool information related to your processor will appear, such as your processor's speed, the model, who makes it, and the ever popular bogomips, to name a few. Another way to see this information is to run kinfocenter and click on the Processor item in the sidebar (see image below).


Call for Help . . . the show, that is.

As many of you know, I've been doing a couple of shows a month on Call for Help (with Leo Laporte and company) talking about, wait for it, Linux. As I was prepping the segment for the next show I'm taping (taking place on Tuesday), I remembered something Leo said on air at my last taping. He specifically made a point of asking people if they would like to see more Linux content in general and to call with Linux questions -- the show is called "Call for Help", after all.


New server, at last!

Hurrah! It has finally happened. After what seems like forever, the new server is finally online.

About three weeks ago, I tried replacing my old Web server with something bigger, faster, and stronger (insert theme from Six Million Dollar Man here) but that quickly became a nightmare. After a great deal of head banging, I discovered that the BIOS was flaky when it came to supporting more than one network card. My new machine was crashing hard every few hours without any kind of message or warning . . . just plain dead.


Linux and the WFTL-LUG . . . truly international.

I run a mailing list called the WFTL-LUG. It is made up of readers, fans, and other Linux enthusiasts. On a whim, I decided to list the member e-mail addresses and look up any top level domain codes (.com, .br, .uk, etc) that I didn't immediately know.

The majority of members are from the United States with Canadian members being the second largest group. That said, we also have representative members from a number of contries around the world. Here's the list in no particular order (well, the US and Canada are first only because I mentioned them a second ago).


Connecting to the Internet with Kppp

by Marcel Gagné
Note : This article is an excerpt from chapter 9 of my book, "Moving to the Linux Business Desktop".


Cooking with Linux : It's a Cross Platform, Alright!

By Marcel Gagné

This article was originally published in the July 2004 issue of Linux Journal.

It's A Cross Platform Alright!
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By Marcel Gagné

This article was first published in the April 2004 issue of Linux Journal.

François, can you keep a secret?
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