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A Call for Help episode list

Every once in a while, one of you asks me to tell them what happened on the Call for Help show, when it will air, and what the episode number is/was (presumably so you can program your TiVo). Well, I can't seem to know when my Call for Help appearances happen, but I now have a list with that information. To view what shows I've been on, and what they were about, click here.


Two more Call for Help shows today

This morning (Friday, October 14th, 2005), I was in the G4TechTV studio taping two more episodes of Call for Help with Leo Laporte, Amber MacArthur, Sean Carruthers, Mike, Lazazzera, and all the gang. As usual, I had a great time which says a lot about the great people I get to work with up (down?) there.


Podcast of Marcel's Computer America appearance

Just a quick entry to say that I had a great time on Computer America last night (Tuesday, October 12th, if you are curious). If you missed it, just click right here for a podcast of the show.

-- Enjoy


Call for Help taping today

This morning I drove into Toronto to tape a couple of episodes of Call for Help (speaking of which, there's a surprise at the end of the blog entry for all you WFTL-LUG members).

As usual, I had a lot of fun there with Leo, Amber, Sean, Mikey, and the rest of the gang. It's a good crowd that likes tech and it shows. I even got to meet Mr. Excel. But I digress . . . you probably want to know about the shows themselves.


Marcel live on the Linux Link Tech Show tonight

Tonight is the the 100th Linux Link Tech Show and as such, they've asked me and a few others to come on the show and help them celebrate.

Some of you might have caught me the last time I was on the show (http://tllts.info/dl.php?episode=68) -- if you haven't, there are links on the page to download that particular show and listen to it. You can catch the show live at the following address.


Marcel's Linux App of the Month : jPodder

The podcast addicted among you (or the merely curious) should take a moment to read the latest "Marcel's Linux App of the Month" on UnixReview.com.

It covers a great little application that lets you easily search for and subscribe to podcasts, allows for automatic scheduled downloads, and even helps you create your own podcasts if you so desire.

It's called jPodder and you can get the full story at yon friendly URL. If you know of something else I should be looking at or you would like to comment on this story, feel free.


Marcel on the Linux User Show

About two weeks ago, I was interviewed by Jon Watson, producer of the Linux User Show podcast. We talked about my new book, the second edition of "Moving to Linux : Kiss the Blue Screen of Death Goodbye!", Linux, and occasionally even other operating systems [ insert appropriate smiley here ].

Jon was a great host. The show was a lot of fun though occasionally quite silly.


Marcel's Linux Game of the Month #2 : TORCS

The second article in my new "Linux Game of the Month" series is now available on UnixReview.com.

In this column, I'm covering an absolutely fantastic, 3D auto racing game called TORCS.

Check it out at yon friendly URL. This is one seriously cool game and a must have for every Linux user with a 3D accelerated video card.


Linux server market grows 36% in Canada; Windows 27%

Quick entry that makes me think of a blog entry of mine from a little while ago. It falls into the good news for Linux though I'm sure it could be made to sound bad with a little work [ insert appropriate smiley here ].


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