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Max Out Your Credit Cards. The End Is Nearly Here!

If you're waiting for December 21, 2012 to usher in the Apocalypse, you may be late for the party. And your last chance to max out your credit cards and have one hell of a party. It's that close. You now have less than a week.


Words, words, bloody offensive words . . .

On Thursday, January 13, 2011, the Canadian Broadcast Standards Council (also known as the CBSC) declared that the song "Money for Nothing", recorded and sung by the group "Dire Straits" should be banned from Canadian airwaves. Their ruling stated that the song contravenes the human rights clauses of the Canadian Association of Broadcasters’ Code of Ethics and Equitable Portrayal Code. This ruling was brought down in response to a complaint brought forward by a listener to radio station CHOZ-FM in St. John's.


TSA! TSA! Let's get naked for the TSA!

Been body-scanned lately? Looking forward to your nakedness being displayed for those fine people doing security checks at the airport? How about a little groping of your private parts?

Fondle your naughty bits, Guv'ner? Shall we see if those breasts are real, Deary?


Torch Song: Lighting Up The New BlackBerry Torch

Reviewed in Smart Developer Magazine by Marcel Gagné

Could this be the best BlackBerry yet?  The Torch heralds a departure for RIM and sets the foundation for bigger, better, and more exciting things in the near future.


Lest We Forget

Lest we forget . . .

Remembrance Day at the John McCrae House (birthplace, museum, & memorial) in Guelph, Ontario Canada. A detail shot of the "altar" of the memorial, with the complete poem "In Flander's Fields" & the line "LEST WE FORGET" inscribed on it. 2 Canadian remembrance day poppy pins & part of a wreath are visible. Image source: Wikipedia


Really? New commercial for Windows 7 phone

My name is Marcel and I'm a BlackBerry user. Have been for a couple of years now. Some people apparently think I have a problem which may be why they directed me to the following ad for Microsoft's upcoming Windows 7 phone.


RSS and Twitter Feeds in an Iframe

This is an RSS feed test


Diaspora Comes Out Of The Wilderness

Hello everyone,

Over on my WFTL-LUG mailing list, Patrick Elliott-Brennan let me (and others) know that there was an update on Diaspora. It came from Mashable.com.



Bloggers Pay Up!

There has been much debate, back and forth, sideways, and every other way you can imagine, as to whether bloggers are, in fact, journalists. By definition, a journalist is someone who writes for newspapers or magazines. By that definition, I'm a journalist. Some would argue that if you write for newspapers or magazines, you probably make some amount of money, thereby befitting the title of professional. A journalist then is a professional writer, someone who makes at least some part of his or her living by writing.


Canadian Muslims Oppose Ground Zero Mosque

Unless you have been off-planet recently, you know that there are plans afoot to build a mosque in New York City, two blocks from Ground Zero. This would be no simple place of prayer but a $100 million, 13 storey structure that would be nothing short of impressive. Many Americans have, understandably, voiced their outrage. Much of it is reasoned if emotional in nature, but there are also predictable rants coming from the hard right and, of course, FOX News. Other Americans, meanwhile, have voiced tolerance and even support. U.S.


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