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Cooking With Linux, Episode 5 : Minecraft PE Server

Minecraft Pocket Edition is an awesome multiplayer game. On a local network, such as in your home, friends can easily join you, as they can on the Internet. Unfortunately, when the person running the session is done, the fun is over for everyone.

Cooking With Linux, episode 4 : Installing Software

Look around just a bit and you're going to find that there are lots and lots of Linux distributions. There's also an incredible number of software packages for you to download, install, and use, and most of them are completely free. With so much at your disposal, you might be wondering where to start when it comes to installing software.

Cooking With Linux, Episode 3 : FOSS Sacrilege!

Someone asked me recently about Google's Fuchsia, which this video is not about by the way. He asked what was more important to me, that a device run Linux or that the product be open source and open standards.

Cooking With Linux, Episode 2 -- Let's Get Virtual

Before I unleash this next episode of Cooking With Linux (the YouTube edition), I'm going to make a promise . . . well, maybe more like a "hopefully, I stick to this better than my New Year's resolution" promise. Anyhow, the third Cooking With Linux is already in the can, so to speak, and I will release it tomorrow. Which brings me to the promise-ey thing . . .

Cooking With Linux v 2.0, the YouTube Edition, Episode 1

And so, I've decided to make "Cooking With Linux" a regular YouTube show which you'll hopefully find useful, interesting, and maybe even entertaining. I've been experimenting with this idea for a while, so I can't be sure if this qualifies as episode 1, but there it is. For this first official episode, we're going to start on a Windows 10 desktop. Yes, you read correctly.

Transformative Music and the Power of Radio

The first time I paid for a piece of music was back in 1972 which means I was either 12 years old or would, at some point in that year, be 12 years old. The music I bought was a 45 RPM record, a single, by one Sammy Davis Jr. The song, which I'd heard many times on the radio, was "The Candy Man", and I still remember going to the store and handing over my hard-earned 99 cents to pay for it.

Zombies are your friends, and other news.

Yeah, I know. Zombies are scary undead things that eat brains. The whole "eating your brain" thing would be (or should be) scary enough, but the fact that you then turn into a filthy, smelly, parts falling off, undead thing yourself is also pretty bad. And even though I agree that it's pretty bad, there's something you need to know about zombies before you go passing final judgement. 

Anonymous Trolls on the Rick Mercer Report

The right to post anonymously is a contentious one, made that much more difficult by the low-life scum whose entire purpose it to sow discord. They are a pox on the Internet and they are, as Rick Mercer rightly points out, ruining it for the rest of us. However, I can understand, and appreciate, that for some people, posting anonymously can be a matter of life and death.

Cemeteries and Churches

Today was another day of summer camp for the boys. One was at soccer camp and the other at skateboard camp. That, however, is not really what this post is about. 

Internet Speeds, Real vs Advertised

This is a story about Internet speed, real vs advertised. After I dropped the kids off at school this morning, I listened to a CBC Spark podcast.


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