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Marcel live on the Linux Link Tech Show tonight

Tonight is the the 100th Linux Link Tech Show and as such, they've asked me and a few others to come on the show and help them celebrate.

Some of you might have caught me the last time I was on the show ( -- if you haven't, there are links on the page to download that particular show and listen to it. You can catch the show live at the following address.


Marcel's Linux App of the Month : jPodder

The podcast addicted among you (or the merely curious) should take a moment to read the latest "Marcel's Linux App of the Month" on

It covers a great little application that lets you easily search for and subscribe to podcasts, allows for automatic scheduled downloads, and even helps you create your own podcasts if you so desire.

It's called jPodder and you can get the full story at yon friendly URL. If you know of something else I should be looking at or you would like to comment on this story, feel free.


Marcel on the Linux User Show

About two weeks ago, I was interviewed by Jon Watson, producer of the Linux User Show podcast. We talked about my new book, the second edition of "Moving to Linux : Kiss the Blue Screen of Death Goodbye!", Linux, and occasionally even other operating systems [ insert appropriate smiley here ].

Jon was a great host. The show was a lot of fun though occasionally quite silly.


Marcel's Linux Game of the Month #2 : TORCS

The second article in my new "Linux Game of the Month" series is now available on

In this column, I'm covering an absolutely fantastic, 3D auto racing game called TORCS.

Check it out at yon friendly URL. This is one seriously cool game and a must have for every Linux user with a 3D accelerated video card.


Linux server market grows 36% in Canada; Windows 27%

Quick entry that makes me think of a blog entry of mine from a little while ago. It falls into the good news for Linux though I'm sure it could be made to sound bad with a little work [ insert appropriate smiley here ].


Star Trek fan films

Yes, you guessed it, yet another blog posting that has nothing to do with Linux. One of my regular must visit Websites is a difficult one to explain. In fact, the best way to understand Memepool is to visit You can discover all sorts of cool -- and often very strange -- things there.


Podcast #4

Hello everyone,

Well, it has been just this side of forever since I last recorded a podcast so I thought, hey, this is the night, May 31, 2005. Tonight's discussion is about spinning the Linux numbers, the WFTL-LUG logo contest, recording Skype conversations, and a brand new program for recording podcasts (yes, I used it for this one).

The podcast is listed in the WFTL Podcasts menu or you can head straight there by clicking here.

Take care out there.


Same story, very different take.

It's a spin doctor's world. Take any information, no matter how positive and somebody will turn it around to make it sound negative. This seems especially true when it comes to Linux. Case in point . . .


VE Day

Lest we forget . . . Today is the sixtieth anniversary of VE Day, Victory in Europe. Sixty years ago today, the Germans surrendered to the Allied forces in Europe. The second World War was over, at least in that part of the world. The war in other parts of the world would not end for a few more months at which time some 68,000,000 people had died. For the younger readers out there, yes, that's 68 million dead. More than 40 million were civillians.



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