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Laugh! It'll do you good!

I don't really know what to say about this other than, "watch it".



A Sale On Paper!

Well, I'm excited about this! My SF short story, Paper, will be published in the forthcoming Grade 7 Language Arts textbook (ISBN 978-0-19-542859-9) from Oxford University Press to be published in February 2008. I was contacted by an agent for the publisher, asking for permission to reprint the story. It frankly made me feel all warm and fuzzy [ insert appropriate smiley here ].

For those of you keeping track, this is Paper's fifth sale. It was originally published in the winter 1994 edition of ON SPEC. That's the cover art for the issue over on the right.


Eight years plus a month!

I'd like to share a bit of a marker with you (actually, I meant to post this message yesterday, but life intervened). Around noon, yesterday (Friday, September 21, 2007), I sent in the December 2007 "Cooking with Linux" to the   editor types at Linux Journal. That marks 8 years of "Cooking with Linux", not counting the original "Cooking with Linux" column (sans François) which ran in September 1999. That column, and its incredible response from readers, was the inspiration for all those that followed.

So let me see . . . 8 times 12 is 96. Add one and that makes 97.  Mein
Gott! "Cooking with Linux" is nearly a hundred! Thanks for letting me share the moment, everyone. Whew!


My Celebrity Lookalikes

My friend, Rob Sawyer, once claimed (more like swore) that I was the spitting image of Monte Markham, the actor who played Barney Miller, the title character in an episode of the Six Million Dollar Man titled "The Seven Million Dollar Man". Eventually we had a few people gathered around the TV at Rob's place where he proudly popped in a videotape with this particular episode so that he could show people just how much we looked alike. The short story on this one is that only Rob thought I looked like Monte Markam (or vice versa). Which brings me to this blog entry.


I Agree With Bill Gates!

In the midst of Microsoft's full-frontal patent-tipped FUD missile attack on Linux and Free and Open Source Software (aka, FOSS), it would seem strange that I could start a blog entry by admitting that I agree with Bill Gates. Yes, that Bill Gates. The Microsoft billionaire. Of course, you need to understand that I agree with something Mr. Gates is quoted as saying, not Microsoft's patent assault.


The Codebreakers, Part 2

A couple of weeks ago, I posted a link to the first episode of a BBC two-part series called, "The Codebreakers", whose focus is FOSS, or Free and Open Source Software. Some fascinating stuff here and well worth watching. You can view the second part below.


Superior advice

Every few days, I take a little trip to Solveig Haugland's Training, Tips, and Ideas blog and I tell myself, "This woman is a wealth of knowledge on the subject. Somebody should really make a nice blog post to that effect and let people know there's a place they can go for superior, and free, information." Well, today, I'm finally listening to myself. Solveig is the author of several books including the 2 Guidebook and she knows her stuff. (If you would like to buy a copy of the 2 Guidebook, click here. Even if you don't go for the book, you should keep an eye on Solveig's blog for a regular dose of great tips. And it's all free!


Sue Me First, Microsoft!

Want to get sued by Microsoft? Then read on. At the end of this post, you'll have your opportunity. By now, you've no doubt heard the story that Microsoft claims that Linux and FOSS violates at least 235 of their patents. Once again, Microsoft innnovates through intimidation and litigation.  Does anyone really think they'll come clean as to which patents Linux supposedly violates? To quote Ballmer, "What's fair is fair." Well, fair comes with a price, even for the mega-rich like Mr. Ballmer. If he honestly means what he says, that is. In that corner wherein our wildest imagination wanders about, can we even begin to conceive that Microsoft might allow their closed source to be examined for the patents it might violate?



In May 2006, the BBC aired a documentary it called "The Codebreakers". This two-part series looked into the adoption of FOSS (Free and Open Source Software) and its impact on the so-called digital divide. Some nice history and interesting interviews make this worth watching. Enjoy!


Microsoft to Begin Shipping Windows Linux Ubuntu

Yes, that title made me jump back a step or two as well, but this article from the "Postcards From the Pug Bus" Website and its report from Redmond makes a strangely twisted kind of sense.

"Since Linux operating systems run on open-source code, anybody is free to adapt and use that code," said Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates. "Therefore, we took the things that Linux is good at, coming up with catchy names and creating a virus-resistant operating kernel, and combined them with things that Windows is good at, like recognizing common software applications and getting a printer to work, and voila—Windows Linux Ubuntu."

To read the entire article, click here.



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